Innovation Introduction
Innovation University

Innovation is often confused with invention and while invention is one aspect of innovation, it is not the only part.  Innovation can be divided into three parts where part A is the invention, idea or concept, part B is the implementation or commercialization or value addition and part C is the management of this innovation. Innovation can be viewed as sitting atop of a three legged table. One leg is invention, another is commercialization and the 3 rd leg is management approach. Take away any one of those legs, and your ability to innovate slides off the table.
We at Blue Rock Innovation work closely with our clients to understand their markets, define the appropriate business and innovation models suited for commercialization of new technologies and maintaining existing competitive advantages, and implement these models in ways that will help them make profits through their investments.

We invite you to view our Innovation University which puts forth a detailed analysis of the different innovation types and management structures that support these types.

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