Innovation will be the single most important factor in determining America's success through the 21st century... America's challenge is to unleash its innovation capacity to drive productivity, standard of living and leadership in global markets.

At a time when macro-economic forces and financial constraints make innovation-driven growth a more urgent imperative than ever before, American businesses, government, workers and universities face an unprecedented acceleration of global change, relentless pressure for short-term results, and fierce competition from countries that seek an innovation-driven future for themselves. For the past 25 years, we have optimized our organizations for efficiency and quality. Over the next quarter century, we must optimize our society for innovation.

"InnovateAmerica" report by the U.S. Council on Competitiveness


Welcome to Blue Rock Innovation, a web site developed to deliver information on Strategy and Innovation.

The Strategy area outlines a strategic planning process that many firms have used. This is not meant to imply that this is the only way to approach strategy planning; instead it is meant to depict one method for approaching strategy planning that has been shown to work.

The Innovation area has two main sections – Introduction and Innovation University. The Introduction gives a very brief introduction to Innovation, while Innovation University is the most comprehensive internet source on Innovation. It covers every type of innovation and innovation management method currently discussed or written about.

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